World Speed Trials Documentary

Documentary work is such a pleasure and a privilege  to be a part of. Being able to observe and capture topics in such a factual and honest form with little intervention is highly rewarding. With the narrative sometimes writing itself as the events occur and unfold, what eventuates is often an engaging film, which becomes a more valuable asset as time moves on.


This documentary was financed by a German motor sport channel, Motor Presse. Shown in 20 countries worldwide with around 5 million subscribers on various video on demand platforms.


The film location was Lake Gairdener in the remote South Australian outback, where we followed a Swiss motor bike rider Ruedi Steck as he attempted to break his International world speed record. Along the way we followed many other competitors throughout the high and lows...

Hopp Schwiiz! (Go Switzerland!)

"Being in a foreign country, I really couldn't have asked for a better crew, a real sense for the right picture in the situation" 

Nils Büechner - Producer - Motor Presse Stuttgart 

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